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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Do you get a little nervous when it’s time to schedule a dental appointment? Or do you even feel so anxious about seeing a dentist that you put the visit off altogether? What about when your tooth hurts, but you need treatment?

Fortunately, there’s an option to help you overcome dental anxiety and get the care your smile deserves. Our Somerville sleep dentistry solutions give you different levels of relaxation to choose from, to help put your mind at ease.

When you’re able to relax thanks to dental sedation, you can catch up on everything from a scale and clean to a crown or root canal. Some levels of sleep dentistry keep you completely awake but you feel like you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine, while the others help you feel so relaxed that you nod off to take a nap.

Electing to get sedation during your visit isn’t just beneficial to you as an individual. It actually makes it easier for our Somerville dentists to do their job, because it’s easier to keep you comfortable throughout the process. When you feel at ease, we can work more efficient and complete your procedure in less time (and fewer appointments!) It’s a win-win for everyone.

Keep in mind, if you opt for a deeper level of sleep dentistry, you’ll need to have somebody to come with you to your appointment and drive you home after. Stronger sedatives can take a few hours to wear off, so you’ll need to take off from work. However, lighter analgesia like laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is completely reversible in just a few minutes, so it’s more than safe enough to drive home or back to work.

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