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Dental Bonding: Fast, Effective, Affordable

after dental bonding treatment

Looking for a fast, affordable way to have a big impact on your smile’s overall appearance? Consider dental bonding!

Bonding is a tooth-colored putty that our Somerville dentist shapes over your tooth, instantly hiding the aesthetic flaws of issues such as:

  • Exposed root surfaces
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Chipped or uneven enamel
  • Misshaped or pitted surfaces

Like white fillings, bonding fuses to your tooth and is cured with a bright light. But getting a tooth bonded for aesthetic purposes usually doesn’t require any numbing. All we’ll need to do is gently roughen the surface being bonded.

Composite bonding is matched to your natural tooth color. When we complete the procedure, you shouldn’t be able to tell where the bonded material stops, and your tooth starts. Rather, it blends together as a whole.

Compared to more complex types of cosmetic dentistry in Somerville, dental bonding is relatively inexpensive. Since it only affects one or two teeth, it’s quicker and easier to have a tooth bonded than to go through a more complex smile makeover.

Somersmiles Dental recommends bonding for issues affecting limited portions of your smile, rather than multiple teeth. But by simply “erasing” a couple of aesthetic flaws in key teeth, you can tremendously impact the overall appearance of the ones around it. No one will be staring at your chipped tooth or gap; rather, they’ll notice a healthy, bright smile.

If you’re thinking about getting dental veneers or teeth whitening, we recommend scheduling a cosmetic consultation with our Somerville dentist first. We’ll discuss all of the options available so that you can have more choices when it comes to a solution that fits your timeline, budget, and lifestyle.

Call Somersmiles Dental today to find out if a half-hour bonding visit is right for you!