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Why You Need to Replace Your Missing Teeth ASAP!

Ever had to get your tooth extracted? No matter the dental condition involved, if you’ve had to get your tooth removed, this means there was not enough healthy structure left to restore it. Having this procedure carried out would offer you immense pain relief but there’s far more to the story. After you extract your tooth, you’ll want to have it replaced ASAP, and here’s why!

Opposite tooth may erupt

Every tooth has a biting partner in the opposite arch. So, in the event that a tooth is removed on one side, the opposite tooth may begin to erupt out of its socket seeking that opposition from the opposing tooth. This can give way to a bad bite, damage to teeth and tooth sensitivity.


Your smile is built to have your teeth perfectly fitted against each other for the right alignment. Take one out of place and what happens? With time, there will be a chain reaction of misalignment across your mouth.

Shrinking of bone

The bone around the extracted tooth will gradually start to shrink away as there is nothing left for it to adhere to. This compromises the integrity of the neighboring teeth and can also make the bone too shallow for an implant to be placed after a certain period of time. When your bone shrinks, this can give your face a sunken-in appearance.

Depending on your individual oral health, we can help outline your treatment plants to help maintain your natural smile and functioning. Call today to make your appointment!