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Whitening vs. Porcelain Veneers: Which is Right for Me?

woman having teeth whitening

Have you been thinking about improving your smile?  You may be wondering what your options are.  Two of the most popular choices for better looking teeth are whitening and porcelain veneers.

Whitening Treatments

If your teeth are already straight, of appropriate size and shape, without gaps, then whitening is a great option for you.  This can be done one of two ways: in office, or at home.

In the office we will place a bleaching solution on your teeth that will be activated once we shine a light over it.  This process brightens your teeth several shades in just one appointment.

A more economical option for whitening is the at home system. At Somersmiles Dental, we will make custom fit trays to wear over your teeth; along with a bleaching solution and instructions on how to use it.  Over a period of a few days, you will place bleaching solution in your trays and wear them for several minutes at a time.  Unlike with in office bleaching, this method will take several days to see the full results.

Some patients experience sensitivity during bleaching.  You may find that using a sensitivity toothpaste, along with a fluoride mouth rinse, will aide in decreasing sensitivity.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that is custom fabricated in a dental laboratory and then cemented over your tooth.

These restorations work great if you have discolored, crooked, or chipped teeth.  Our dentist will slightly trim down your natural tooth to make room for the fabricated veneer to fit on top.  The final product is designed to create a beautiful white smile.

If properly cared for, veneers can last many years. However, they tend to be a bigger investment than bleaching.

At Somersmiles Dental in Somerville, we’re happy to discuss your options with you.  Together we will help you decide which option is best for a brighter looking smile.  Give us a call today.