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What’s Causing Your Sensitive Teeth?

Do your teeth seem to be more sensitive than they used to be? Are you noticing a “zing” when you bite into cold foods or feel chilly wind rush by your smile? Or maybe you only have one area of your mouth that feels tender every time you brush?

Depending on what’s causing it, there are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing tooth sensitivity. Here are some of the first things you’ll want to discuss with our Somerville dentists:

Use of Whitening Products

Did your tooth sensitivity start after you switched toothpaste to the whitening blend you found at the drugstore? It could be the cause of your pain. Whitening products tend to open up pores in our teeth and make them more sensitive, so it’s best to work with a dentist if you want a more comfortable way to get your smile brightened.


Gum Recession

Receding gumlines leave your tooth roots exposed. By nature, our roots are more sensitive areas of our teeth, because they’re porous and not covered by enamel. As gums shrink down, these surfaces can be especially tender when exposed to external elements. Talking with our Somerville dentist about a desensitizing treatment, bonding, or gum graft may be the ideal solution.



Anything from a cavity to an abscessed tooth can cause dental sensitivity. But be warned; not all cavities or infections cause pain. Always be sure to visit our Somerville dentists on a regular basis to intercept problems before they become severe, and let us know about sensitivity you’re experiencing between checkups.


Wear and Erosion

Enamel can get thinner over time, especially from excessive wear or acid erosion (such as that associated with GI disease or an acidic diet.) The nerve inside of your tooth may not have time to respond by creeping back, thus causing it to be more sensitive as the tooth thins out.


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