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What to do When You Break a Tooth

Broken Tooth

It’s an accident that we see every day. Someone falls, trips into the wall, or gets knocked in the elbow at a ball game…and they break a tooth. While we’re always ready for dental emergencies a Somersmiles Dental, there are steps you can take to be prepared too.


Make Sure You’re Not Bleeding

Our mouths can tend to bleed pretty heavily after an oral injury. Stop to make sure you’re ok, and that any bleeding is controlled. You can use a clean washcloth, sterile gauze, or even a tea bag to apply pressure to the area and encourage clot formation. If bleeding doesn’t stop, call our Somerville dentist immediately or head to the nearest emergency room.


Find the Tooth Fragment

If possible, look around to see if you can find the piece of tooth that broke off. This may not always be an option, but it’s ideal. Depending on how small the fracture is, it may or may not be possible to bond back in place. But if you can find it, put it in a cup of milk to keep it moist. Saline or contact solution is also appropriate.


Apply a Cool Compress

Cold is good for reducing swelling and pain. Use a compress filled with ice or a pre-frozen one and place it against the side of your face. Take an anti-inflammatory to help as well (plus relieve any discomfort that may be due to the fracture.)


Call Your Somerville Dentist

The sooner we can see you at Somersmiles Dental, the sooner we can help you get out of any pain you’re in, and start to repair your tooth. When seen straightaway, it may be possible to physically bond the broken tooth fragment back in place. The key is to be seen as quickly as possible.


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