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What is Sleep Dentistry?


Sleep Dentistry enables Somersmiles Dental to provide your dental treatment in an anxiety free environment whilst you are sedated. All aspects of dental treatment can be done whilst you are under sedation , the treatments can include fillings, gum treatment, root canal therapy, crown and smile makeovers, implants and extractions.

The benefits of sleep dentistry are as follows:

Dental Procedures are completed at Somersmiles Dental you do not need to go elsewhere to have the sedation treatment

You will feel more relaxed and your anxiety will be more controlled thus making the experience much better for you

The treatment can be done very efficiently and in fact take less time with little or no memory of the procedure even being done

Sleep dentistry also enables us to complete all your dental treatment usually in one visit , so if you are time poor with work this is a great option

Sleep Dentistry


Before we provide any treatment under the aid of sedation we first need to see you so that we can assess what treatment is required.

We would arrange an appointment for a consultation where some xrays would be taken and then documentation of any dental treatment that is required. This allows us to provide you with an estimate for your treatment as well as the length of time associated with the treatment, so that we can schedule our anaesthetist with the appropriate time.

After the plan has been agreed upon and you as the patient are happy and wish to proceed we would then book your appointment with our surgery and the anaesthetist. The Anaesthetist would invoice you separately from his rooms and the payment would be made prior to the time your sedation is booked in.

Somersmiles Dental also will take a holding booking fee of $300 to secure your appointment.



You will be required too  fast and our anaesthetist will touch base with you the day prior to the procedure to let you know the time you need to fast from

You will need to have someone to drive you and pick you up and you will be unable to drive or operate heavy machinery for a period of 24 hours after the sedation

Wear loose comfortable clothing and also bring a blanket as you can get a bit cold during sedation. If you could also know your weight as we use this information for the correct dosage of anaesthetic.

You will be prescribed any medication that you may be required to take following the procedure and also given any post operative instructions to follow.