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Three Easy Cosmetic Dental Treatments Worth Considering

Woman having professional teeth whitening at the dentist

Looking for a quick, comfortable, or affordable option for boosting your smile’s appearance? While you could go with a dramatic smile makeover that addresses multiple aspects of several teeth, you could choose to pick one or two aesthetic services for a personal pick-me-up until you’re ready to go with something more dramatic.

At Somersmiles Dental, here are three great options to consider:

Professional Teeth Whitening

For the most effective whitening results, talk to our Somerville dentist before buying an over the counter kit. Because store-bought teeth bleaching products are made from weaker solutions, they often don’t work as well or efficiently as what you can get from a dental office.

When used properly, a professional treatment can remove several shades of stain and be easy to maintain by touching up after your routine dental appointments. The return on investment is better than buying a new kit at the store over and over.


Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Bonding is a fast and minimally invasive choice that can address minor imperfections such as chipped teeth, uneven enamel, gaps between teeth, etc. The material is matched to blend in with the natural tooth colour and then shaped over the irregularity and cured with a bright light. In most cases there’s no need to numb the tooth or even reshape the enamel. Plus, it’s more affordable than getting dental veneers!


Cosmetic Injectables/Fillers

Round out your smile by giving it the perfect “frame.” Dermal fillers and injectables help to smooth the skin around your mouth or face, and can be safely applied right here in our Somerville dental practice. Fillers work best for minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in locations like the mouth, eyes, and forehead.

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