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Teeth whitening

At SomersmilesDental we offer two types of teeth whitening systems so that patients can choose which suits their lifestyle better.


Some patients prefer to do whitening in the comfort of their own homes and for this we would implement a take home whitening kit. This involves two appointments , the first appointment we take impressions so that we can have custom made whitening trays made . The second appointment we would go through how to use the whitening solutions and how to care for your whitening trays.

We also take a starting shade at this visit so we can compare once you have completed the whitening , which takes approximately three weeks.

Preventative Dentistry


Some patients prefer an instant result with their whitening and choose to have the in chair whitening option. This procedure is done in one visit and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

We firstly take a shade so that we can get a starting point for the colour and then a shade is taken after the procedure.

The gums are isolated and the bleach is placed on the teeth for a period of time , there may be several applications this is dependant on how well the teeth are responding.

After the treatment you may experience some sensitivity and we advise you to use a sensitive toothpaste for a few weeks, this will settle down.