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Sleep/Sedation Dentistry



Sleep Dentistry
Sleep Dentistry is great for patients who are anxious, nervous or just time poor with their work schedules. Sleep Dentistry enables the Dentist to perform your whole treatment plan whilst you are under a mild sedation. The sedation totally relaxes you and takes away any anxiety you may experience at times you may even fall asleep. The other benefit of this form of sedation is you cannot remember the treatment that has been performed so this is fantastic for patients who are dental phobic.
The sedation is performed at the surgery with a very experienced Anaethetist  so there is lots of support and your usual Dentist will perform the dental  treatment for you.


After sedation you are unable to drive for a period of 24 hours so when we make arrangements for your surgery you will be required to have a driver with you.In some cases a General Anaesthetic may be required for your Dental treatment and we are fortunate enough to have an arrangement with Frankston Surgicentre where these cases can be performed again with your treating Dentist from Somersmiles Dental.


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