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Five Reasons for Getting a Custom Dental Crown

Dentist explaining a dental crown

Dental crowns offer an optimal level of protection for teeth affected by significant decay, trauma, or wear. At Somersmiles Dental there are a number of situations where we may recommend them for our patients. Here are a few — and the reasons why — you should consider getting one:

Chronic Clenching

Bruxism (clenching and grinding) can cause teeth to wear down prematurely. In some cases, biting against a tooth with a crown can make the uncrowned tooth even more susceptible to wear. If we notice that your teeth are wearing faster than they should, a crown may help to extend the life of your smile.


To Avoid an Extraction

There comes a point where teeth can be so far damaged that it’s no longer an option to repair them with a filling or a crown. Fractures or decay may be so progressed that the only solution is to pull the tooth entirely. Placing a crown over the tooth while there is still enough healthy structure can delay tooth loss.


When You Need an Implant

If you’ve lost a tooth, replacing it helps maintain natural biting patterns and avoid tooth movement throughout your mouth. Individual implants are the “root” portion of your new prosthetic tooth, but they still require a fixed restoration on top of them for function and aesthetics.


For Cosmetic Purposes

Broken and unhealthy teeth can detract from your self-confidence, especially if you’re too embarrassed to look into the mirror or pose for a photo. Covering your tooth with a porcelain crown could be the answer.


If You Have a Large, Old Filing

Worn, leaky fillings eventually have to be replaced. If the filling is small enough, a new one can be put in its place. But large fillings call for a crown, due to the amount of tooth structure lost.

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