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Fillings vs. Crowns: Which do You Need?

Dental crown

Do you have a tooth that’s broken, worn down, or has a cavity? You may be wondering whether you need a traditional filling or something more comprehensive like a dental crown.

At Somersmiles Dental, we provide both restorative options in our office. The one that you and our Somerville dentist choose will depend on factors like:


Extent of the Damage

Do you have a large cavity, crack, or worn-down tooth? The size and extent of the structural damage is the biggest factor when it comes to whether you need a crown or filling. Crowns cover your entire tooth, while a filling only patches over small to moderate areas of decay.


If There’s Enough Healthy Enamel Left Behind

If we were to put a filling in a tooth with very little enamel left, it would eventually break apart at some point when you’re biting and chewing. A crown (with a build up and posts, if applicable) is less likely to give out during everyday use.


Whether You’ve Had a Root Canal

Endodontic treatment leaves a non-vital tooth that is prone to chipping and wear more than a tooth with a living nerve. Although fillings over root canals are used in some situations, the standard of care is usually to place a crown over the tooth.


If You’re Changing Out an Old Filling

When our Somerville dentist takes an old filling out, the tooth around it has to be re-prepped. For older amalgam (silver) fillings, that usually means a significant amount of structural loss. Filling it would make the tooth prone to breakage once pressure is placed on it.


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