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Facial Enhancement: What is it?

woman after facial enhancement

You finally have white, straight, beautiful teeth. But when you look in the mirror, you notice that you still don’t feel as if you’ve achieved everything you wanted in a smile makeover. What is it that’s lacking?

Sometimes, it’s what’s framing your teeth. Your lips, cheeks, and possibly even the folds of skin along your nose and eyes. They still look like they’ve lost volume and smoothness that you had decades prior.

Fortunately, Somersmiles Dental has an excellent option for enhancing your smile and overall appearance: facial enhancement.


Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles

A dentist understands your facial anatomy extremely well. As such, they’re the perfect professional to turn to when you need a service such as anti-wrinkle and rejuvenation injectable treatments or dermal fillers.

Applying cosmetic injectables in specific points around your smile and throughout the rest of your face is an effective way to enhance the “frame” around your teeth.

As your lips look plumper, your cheeks smoother, and deep creases and fine lines start to fade away, it brings out the brighter smile that you’ve been wanting to show off for so long.


Botox: It’s Great for Your TMJ, Too!

Most people know cosmetic injectables for their ability to enhance their appearance; but Botox products serve a dual purpose – they can also relax tense muscles and headache pain related to TMJ disorder (TMJD.) Instead of asking about surgery, a quick application can offer you significant relief from your joint discomfort.


What to Expect

At Somersmiles Dental, we can apply cosmetic injectables alongside of your aesthetic treatments, for a comprehensive and holistic approach to your smile makeover. Most fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables offer results for up to 3-6 months per treatment. Combining products typically aids in extending how long they’re effective.

If you’re curious about cosmetic products to enhance your smile, schedule a consultation with Somersmiles Dental to find out more. We’ll discuss what aspects of your skin and face you want to address, and weigh different enhancement therapies that are appropriate. You’ll have all of the information that you need to invest in the perfect “pick me up” your skin has been needing!