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Dental Implant


Dental implants are ideal for the replacement of missing teeth and are a great alternative to wearing dentures. Patients can be self conscious about wearing dentures and dental implants can aid in regaining confidence where you can smile again.


A dental implant is a 3-4 stage procedure that is performed over several months this allows time for healing between each step of the implant.

  • The first phase of the implant involves a consultation with our Dentist who will then refer you for a 3D dental image scan which enables the Dentist to valuate if you are a candidate for implant placement, ie if there is enough bone and space for the implant to be placed.
  • After reviewing the scans, dental impressions are then taken so that an implant guide can be constructed this enables a precise placement of the implant into the jaw bone. A healing abutment is placed over the implant for a period of 3-6 months this is to allow time for the implant to intergrate with the jaw bone.
  • After 3- 6 months and xray is taken and a torque test of the implant to check that the intergration has been successful. After this has been checked and the dentist is happy with the results he will then proceed to take an impression of the implant and this enables the implant crown to be constructed by our laboratory.
  • After 3 weeks the implant crown is ready to be either screwed into the abutment or in some cases cemented in, this then completes all phases of the implant.
Dental Implant