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Why Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatment?

Are you considering having an aesthetic dental procedure, such as veneers, bonding, or a few tooth coloured fillings replaced? You may want to consider whitening your smile first. Dental Work Doesn’t Whiten Once you’ve had a restoration such as composite bonding, white fillings, or porcelain crowns placed, they stay that colour. The ceramic materials inside of them won’t respond to whitening agents. Although superficial stains can be removed, the foundation of the material will remain constant. No whitening product will change its colour, so if you decide to go whiter later on, the entire restoration will need to be changed … Continue reading

Four Reasons to Wear a Mouthguard

different mouthguards

Do you or your teen need a mouthguard made? Here are four reasons you should ask our Somerville dentist about one during your next checkup.   Managing TMJ Disorder TMJ disorder is when the joint on one or both sides of the jaw functions atypically. It may be due to excess muscle tension, past trauma or injury, bite changes, or even orthodontic therapy. Wearing a mouthguard is an ideal alternative to TMJ surgery.   Wear from Bruxism (Grinding) Clenching and grinding the teeth together (also known as “bruxism”) is often a subconscious habit that’s due to stress. It’s also a … Continue reading

Compliment Your Smile with Dermal Fillers

When you visit Somersmiles in Somerville for a smile makeover, you may want to consider getting dermal fillers to help enhance your results and overall appearance as well.  Being specially trained and knowledgeable about one’s facial features, makes our Somerville dentists highly qualified professionals for administering injectables such as dermal fillers. How Can a Dermal Filler Help? Cosmetic dermal fillers are shallow injections that are placed within the surface of your skin. They fill in fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and soften expression lines of the face. They add volume and can complement your teeth by enhancing your lip line … Continue reading

4 Tips for Preventing Cavities

Dental cavities (decay) can be difficult to keep away. To avoid them requires commitment. Here are four important tips that can help you keep your mouth healthy.   Choose the right Dental Hygiene Products In order to have a great dental hygiene routine at home, you’ll need to have the right products.  Use a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.  A tongue scraper and a soft, or electric toothbrush work great as well.  And don’t forget to floss twice a day.  Traditional string is fine, or you may consider investing in a water or air flosser.   Watch Your Brushing Technique When … Continue reading

Do Injectables Help with TMJ Disorder?

Woman with TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint disorder — otherwise known as TMD or TMJ disorder — is a painful condition that can cause symptoms such as toothaches, headaches, migraines, and muscle fatigue. It can also lead to broken dental work and fractured teeth. While using a bite splint and practicing relaxation exercises can help to minimize the tension of TMJ disorder, what if there were a longer-term treatment that didn’t require daily prescription medication or surgery? That’s exactly what injectables have the potential to offer TMD sufferers. Although they’ve primarily been used in the past for aesthetic purposes (such as smoothing out the appearance … Continue reading

Top Three Cosmetic Dental Options Worth Considering

woman after dental veneers

Looking to enhance the way your smile looks in photos or when you’re laughing in front of friends? Our Somerville dentists offer comprehensive cosmetic options to address a number of aesthetic issues in your teeth. But your needs are different than others, and so is the type of treatment that we may recommend. Depending on your end goal, timeframe, and budget, we may suggest one or a combination of aesthetic procedures such as: Teeth Whitening Fast, affordable, and effective, professional teeth whitening can help your smile look brighter than ever. Whitening is safe and the perfect stand alone “smile makeover” … Continue reading

Managing TMJ Pain

Man with TMJ

TMJ disorder (“TMD” or “TMJD”) occurs when the temporomandibular joint on either side of the jaw becomes strained or functions abnormally. This can be due to a number of causes, ranging from a misaligned bite to extensive clenching during the day.   At Somersmiles Dental, we customize TMJ treatments to fit the unique needs and oral anatomy of our patients. Depending on what’s causing your TMD pain, some of the treatments or therapies we might recommend can include:   A Bite Splint Strain to the TMJ is often due to overuse and the joint being fully engaged too frequently throughout … Continue reading

What to do When You Break a Tooth

Broken Tooth

It’s an accident that we see every day. Someone falls, trips into the wall, or gets knocked in the elbow at a ball game…and they break a tooth. While we’re always ready for dental emergencies a Somersmiles Dental, there are steps you can take to be prepared too.   Make Sure You’re Not Bleeding Our mouths can tend to bleed pretty heavily after an oral injury. Stop to make sure you’re ok, and that any bleeding is controlled. You can use a clean washcloth, sterile gauze, or even a tea bag to apply pressure to the area and encourage clot … Continue reading

Five Reasons for Getting a Custom Dental Crown

Dentist explaining a dental crown

Dental crowns offer an optimal level of protection for teeth affected by significant decay, trauma, or wear. At Somersmiles Dental there are a number of situations where we may recommend them for our patients. Here are a few — and the reasons why — you should consider getting one: Chronic Clenching Bruxism (clenching and grinding) can cause teeth to wear down prematurely. In some cases, biting against a tooth with a crown can make the uncrowned tooth even more susceptible to wear. If we notice that your teeth are wearing faster than they should, a crown may help to extend … Continue reading

Three Easy Cosmetic Dental Treatments Worth Considering

Woman having professional teeth whitening at the dentist

Looking for a quick, comfortable, or affordable option for boosting your smile’s appearance? While you could go with a dramatic smile makeover that addresses multiple aspects of several teeth, you could choose to pick one or two aesthetic services for a personal pick-me-up until you’re ready to go with something more dramatic. At Somersmiles Dental, here are three great options to consider: Professional Teeth Whitening For the most effective whitening results, talk to our Somerville dentist before buying an over the counter kit. Because store-bought teeth bleaching products are made from weaker solutions, they often don’t work as well or … Continue reading