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Four Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

It’s never too late to get your smile’s oral health back on track. If you’re committed to having healthier and more attractive looking teeth, here are four simple new year’s resolutions that you can make with the help of our Somerville dentists.   Floss. Every Day. It’s not possible to limit your risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and dental decay without cleaning between your teeth every day. Hate flossing? Opt for a water flosser instead! Water flossing can even reach deep gum pockets where traditional floss can’t.   Stop Chewing on Things. Your fingernails, pencil, or whatever it is … Continue reading

What Your Mouth Says About Sleeping Disorders

Did you know that it might be possible for our Somerville dentist to screen for a sleeping disorder, simply by looking at the inside of your mouth? Depending on the type of sleep disordered breathing that you have, conditions like obstructive sleep apnoea (or “OSA”) have classic tell-tale signs that they leave in the people who suffer from them. Here’s a few of the things that we might notice:   Flat, Worn Teeth When your brain is deprived of oxygen, your teeth and jaws tend to clench up. Over time, this leads to excessive wear on your teeth. Gradually, they’ll … Continue reading

What Happens During a Scale and Clean?

When you schedule a checkup at Somersmiles Dental in Somerville, there’s a lot more going on than just having your teeth polished! A scale and clean appointment is an important part of preventing unwanted oral diseases and intercepting issues as early as possible (when they’re easier and more affordable to correct.) Aside from your hygienist removing the soft plaque and hard tartar buildup from your teeth, here are some other important activities that are going on when you’re laying back in the dental chair:   Measuring Your Gum and Bone Levels Your hard and soft tissues are what’s responsible for … Continue reading

Cosmetic Injectables for Dental Concerns

What do aesthetic products like injectables and dermal fillers have to do with dentistry? More than you might expect! As dentists, we deal with the muscles and soft tissue structures that surround your teeth, including your TMJ, cheeks, and lips. So when it comes to utilising therapeutic products like injectables, the two go hand in hand.   Dental Uses for Injectables   Managing Bruxism — If you have a stressful lifestyle, your jaw muscles may be overactive because of the tension building up in your body. Over several days and weeks, the clenching can cause muscle soreness, earaches, and worse … Continue reading

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Do you get a little nervous when it’s time to schedule a dental appointment? Or do you even feel so anxious about seeing a dentist that you put the visit off altogether? What about when your tooth hurts, but you need treatment?   Fortunately, there’s an option to help you overcome dental anxiety and get the care your smile deserves. Our Somerville sleep dentistry solutions give you different levels of relaxation to choose from, to help put your mind at ease.   When you’re able to relax thanks to dental sedation, you can catch up on everything from a scale … Continue reading

Types of Dental Mouthguards

custom mouth guards

Brushing and flossing aren’t the only things to think about when it comes to protecting your teeth. There are times that, like other body parts, your teeth need to be covered too. Depending on what you’re trying to safeguard your smile against, there are a few different types of mouthguards that you can consider.   Bite Splints People who tend to clench and grind their teeth — a condition we call “bruxism” — often experience TMJ problems, headaches, broken dental work, and chipped teeth. A bite splint creates a small amount of space between your upper and lower teeth, so … Continue reading

Dental Bonding: Fast, Effective, Affordable

after dental bonding treatment

Looking for a fast, affordable way to have a big impact on your smile’s overall appearance? Consider dental bonding! Bonding is a tooth-colored putty that our Somerville dentist shapes over your tooth, instantly hiding the aesthetic flaws of issues such as: Exposed root surfaces Small gaps between teeth Chipped or uneven enamel Misshaped or pitted surfaces   Like white fillings, bonding fuses to your tooth and is cured with a bright light. But getting a tooth bonded for aesthetic purposes usually doesn’t require any numbing. All we’ll need to do is gently roughen the surface being bonded. Composite bonding is … Continue reading

Advantages of White Fillings

Woman with white fillings

Amalgam (silver) fillings have been used for years in dentistry. But today, Somerville families have a better option: white fillings that are made out of modern materials. Sure, silver fillings are an effective way for treating large cavities. But choosing a white restoration has big benefits when it comes to the overall results. Here are a few reasons why our Somerville dentists recommend mercury-free white restorations instead of conventional metal ones:   They Match Your Teeth Composite fillings come in a variety of different colours. Our Somerville dentists can match your restoration so that it blends in with the shade … Continue reading

How to Handle a Broken Tooth

broken tooth

If you’ve ever had a chipped or broken tooth, quick action is essential. Knowing what to do in the event of a dental emergency (and getting to our Somerville dentists as quickly as possible) can help reduce the amount of treatment that you need and save your tooth.   Step 1: Stay Calm and Stop Any Bleeding Dental injuries can be scary because of the amount of blood involved. Your mouth is full of blood vessels, which means even the smallest injury can be quite evident. Use a clean gauze, tissue, or wash cloth to apply firm pressure to the … Continue reading

Fillings vs. Crowns: Which do You Need?

Dental crown

Do you have a tooth that’s broken, worn down, or has a cavity? You may be wondering whether you need a traditional filling or something more comprehensive like a dental crown. At Somersmiles Dental, we provide both restorative options in our office. The one that you and our Somerville dentist choose will depend on factors like:   Extent of the Damage Do you have a large cavity, crack, or worn-down tooth? The size and extent of the structural damage is the biggest factor when it comes to whether you need a crown or filling. Crowns cover your entire tooth, while … Continue reading