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Age Requirements for Cosmetic Dentistry

ten with cosmetic dental work

Do you have a teenager who is wanting to spruce up the way their teeth look? Or maybe an elementary-aged child with a chipped front tooth?

If your child’s smile is detracting from their self-confidence or becoming the source of embarrassment, there are certain cosmetic solutions worth considering. However, their age and oral development will play a part in which options they qualify for.


For chipped front teeth, the best choice for a child is usually dental bonding. The white composite is shaped over the area so that the tooth looks whole again. It’s quick and affordable, making it ideal until they’re old enough for a crown or veneer.


Teeth Whitening

As adult teeth come in, it’s natural for them to look more yellow than the contrasting baby teeth. There’s nothing wrong with this, it just has to do with the makeup of tooth structure.

For teens, it’s usually safe to whiten their teeth with a gentle over-the-counter strip system. Our Somerville dentists will want to talk them through the process to avoid gum irritation or sensitivity. Plus, we’ll need to make sure they don’t have any cavities before they get started.



Uneven teeth, bumpy, or slightly chipped surfaces can be smoothed out to help the tooth blend in. Recontouring usually doesn’t require any type of numbing and only takes a few minutes to complete. A small, handheld tool buffs the enamel out so that the edges are more even.


Dental Veneers

Veneers are the perfect solution for transforming adult smiles. But unfortunately, they’re not recommended on younger patients. Why? Because their teeth are still developing, slowly erupting, and more sensitive. If your teen is about to graduate high school, they may be an option. However, it’s best to probably wait until they’re finished with university.

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