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Advantages of White Fillings

Woman with white fillings

Amalgam (silver) fillings have been used for years in dentistry. But today, Somerville families have a better option: white fillings that are made out of modern materials.

Sure, silver fillings are an effective way for treating large cavities. But choosing a white restoration has big benefits when it comes to the overall results.

Here are a few reasons why our Somerville dentists recommend mercury-free white restorations instead of conventional metal ones:

They Match Your Teeth

Composite fillings come in a variety of different colours. Our Somerville dentists can match your restoration so that it blends in with the shade of the enamel on that tooth. Ultimately, we want your new restoration to be invisible to everyone else. We’ll select a specific colour so that the final treatment isn’t distinguishable from the rest of your tooth.


The Composite Bonds to Your Enamel

White fillings have a tighter seal between the composite resin and your tooth enamel. The close bond helps prevent new bacteria from entering into the areas around your filling, lowering the risk of new cavities or leakage.

White Fillings are Minimally Invasive

Since composite bonds to your enamel, it can be placed practically anywhere. Our Somerville dentists will remove the small cavity and prep the surface, then bond the filling into place.

This method is different than metal fillings, which can’t bond to teeth. Silver fillings require cutting out a wedge in your enamel to get the filling to stay after the metal hardens in that area. That means removing healthy tooth structure.

With a white filling, less tooth preparation is needed, maximizing the amount of healthy enamel you get to keep!

Need a New Filling?

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