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4 Tips for Preventing Cavities

Dental cavities (decay) can be difficult to keep away. To avoid them requires commitment. Here are four important tips that can help you keep your mouth healthy.


  1. Choose the right Dental Hygiene Products

In order to have a great dental hygiene routine at home, you’ll need to have the right products.  Use a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.  A tongue scraper and a soft, or electric toothbrush work great as well.  And don’t forget to floss twice a day.  Traditional string is fine, or you may consider investing in a water or air flosser.


  1. Watch Your Brushing Technique

When brushing your teeth, make sure that you pay attention to what you’re doing.  Ensure that you’re cleaning all surfaces of all teeth.  Do this at least twice a day, but preferably after meals.


  1. Book Routine Scale and Clean Appointments

No matter how well, or how many times a day you clean your teeth at home, there are always going to be those hard to reach places that plaque clings to.  So it’s important to visit the dental professionals in Somersmiles Dental in Somerville twice per year.  During your scale and clean, our special instruments will remove debris from the areas you can’t get to at home.


  1. Re-Assess Your Diet

Consume only small amounts of sugar and acidic things to help cut back on cavities. Water is the healthiest drink. If you do drink a soft drink (soda), or a sports drink, don’t sip on it all day.  Go ahead and drink it all at once and then brush your teeth.  This is better than exposing your mouth constantly sugar and a different pH level like when you take a few hours to drink it over a longer amount of time.


Together We Can Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy

The dental professionals at Somersmiles Dental in Somerville are here to help take care of your smile for life.  Together we can ensure that your teeth remain cavity free and healthy.  If it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional scale and clean, then go ahead and schedule one today.  We look forward to seeing you!