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4 Signs of Tooth Decay

Miss the signs of tooth decay early on and you might even have a cavity without realizing it! It’s always best to deal with tooth decay early on and minimize any risk of dental issues. Here are some common signs to watch out for:

Increased sensitivity

If you find yourself having increased sensitivity to certain beverages and foods, this is a major warning sign of tooth decay. You may notice an increased amount of sensitivity specifically to sweet foods. This might not necessarily be candy but also your morning coffee or soda- essentially any time you consume something sweet.  

Food gets stuck

Decay is prone to happen where your teeth start to touch one another. So, if you notice you keep getting food stuck between a specific set of teeth at each meal, you might be having decay or gum disease.

Bad Taste

Cavities or infections lead to growth of more bacteria. This can gradually lead to a foul odor that not even brushing your teeth can get rid of. If you notice persistent bad breath, there’s most probably a dental issue at hand.

Floss shredding

When you floss your teeth, do you notice the string getting stuck or shredding in a particular area? This could be an indication of tooth decay since the string is getting caught around rough edges of your teeth in a specific area.

At Somersmiles Dental we aim to diagnose and fix problems as early as possible in order to be a cost-effective and quick solution to your dental matters. Schedule an examination if you’re experiencing any of the above and we’ll take care of the rest.