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Top Three Cosmetic Dental Options Worth Considering

woman after dental veneers

Looking to enhance the way your smile looks in photos or when you’re laughing in front of friends? Our Somerville dentists offer comprehensive cosmetic options to address a number of aesthetic issues in your teeth. But your needs are different than others, and so is the type of treatment that we may recommend.

Depending on your end goal, timeframe, and budget, we may suggest one or a combination of aesthetic procedures such as:

Teeth Whitening

Fast, affordable, and effective, professional teeth whitening can help your smile look brighter than ever. Whitening is safe and the perfect stand alone “smile makeover” for anyone with healthy teeth and gums. Even teens can choose to whiten their smiles!



To smooth out uneven enamel or fill in small gaps, tooth recontouring is a fast and minimally invasive option. Whether we’re removing a thin layer of tooth structure or covering it with custom-matched composite, it’s possible to alter the shape of one or two problematic teeth so that they blend in better with your smile as a whole. Numbing usually isn’t even necessary!


Dental Veneers

For the most dramatic results possible, dental veneers are likely your best option. These thin porcelain covers shield the tooth behind them, masking any number of aesthetic concerns (such as crowding, gaps, discoloration, or uneven teeth, just to name a few.) But unlike the other two options, veneers often involve a more complex planning process and usually affect multiple teeth instead of just one or two.

Get a Custom Plan

The only way to know for certain which type of cosmetic dental treatment is right for your given situation is to meet with our Somerville dentists for an exam and consultation. We invite you to contact Somersmiles Dental today to schedule your appointment!