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Five Common Causes of Worn Teeth

woman with worn teeth

Are you starting to notice teeth that look flatter, sharp on the edges, or physically worn down? There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. With a bit of detective work on your own and the help of our Somerville dentists, you can stop tooth wear from getting worse.

Here are five common reasons why you may be experiencing flat, worn teeth.



Your occlusion is the relationship of how your upper and lower teeth bite down against one another. A malocclusion means that biting relationship is “off.” As such, certain teeth will bite and chew with more force into opposing teeth than they should. Ultimately, the enamel will wear down at an accelerated rate.



A lot of us tend to tightly clench our teeth together when we’re stressed. If you have a challenging job, tough commute home, or a stressful lifestyle that’s causing you problems like anxiety or headaches, it could also be leading to your tooth wear.


When you grind your teeth together subconsciously, it wears them down prematurely. Most bruxism (grinding) happens at night, when you don’t realize it.


Do you chew on things without thinking about it? Are you someone who uses your teeth as tools? From stylists using their teeth to open hair pins each day to someone that chews their nails, those everyday repetitive motions on specific teeth will cause localized areas of wear.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) mean that your body doesn’t get enough oxygen at night. One of the physical ways our bodies respond to oxygen deprivation is to clench the muscles at the upper airway, including your jaws.

Stop Tooth Wear Before It Gets Worse

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body. If you’re starting to notice abnormal wear, Somersmiles Dental can help you make a plan to keep it from getting worse. Call us today.