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Dental Emergencies


If you have a tooth that has been knocked out due to trauma please contact Somersmiles Dental on 5978 0595 or our emergency after hours number 0428 989 182.

In the mean time please do the following steps.

  • Wash the tooth in water
  • Either place the tooth in milk or glad wrap
  • Please review the area for any bleeding from the gums or lip area and advise us when you call
  • Try to keep the patient calm and offer pain relief.



If your crown or veneer has come off, put it in a safe place and avoid things that make the tooth hurt. Many times we are able to re-cement the crown without making a new one. Even if you don’t have any symptoms the tooth has lost its support and is vulnerable to further damage, which could result in more complex treatment if not attended to, so be sure to call Somersmiles Dental on 5978 0595 .



Clean the area with a cloth and apply cold compression to reduce bleeding and swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop go to an emergency hospital department without delay. If bleeding does stop keep the area clean with a warm salty water mouthrinse at intervals to aid healing and book an appointment at Somersmiles Dental on 5978 0595 for us to assess the area.



Use dental floss to ensure there is no debris caught between the teeth. Avoid extreme temperatures and biting in the area when eating or drinking. Ask your pharmacist for pain relief/anti-inflammatory medication (such as paracetamol or ibuprofen).If the toothache is severe you can also attend your doctor for some antibiotics. Call Somersmiles Dental and we will make you an appointment as a priority.


Broken Tooth or Filling

Gently clean with a soft toothbrush. The tooth may be sensitive to hot, cold, and sweet things. Be careful with what you eat or are chewing on this side. It may also be annoying and sharp to touch with your tongue or cheek, orthodontic wax from a chemist can be used to mould over the tooth until your dental appointment is arranged.



If you are experiencing pain on biting , throbbing sensation or a visible facial swelling this could be an indication that you have a tooth abcess/infection. This should be addressed immediately as the swelling can track up to the optical nerve area. It is advisable to have pain relief and antibiotics as soon as possible , this can be done through your local doctor. Then give Somersmiles Dental a call on 5978 0595 and we will book you an appointment as a priority to alleviate your pain.



If your denture breaks please call the surgery so that we can arrange to have it repaired , we may need to take an impression to repair the denture this is best done in the morning as early as possible then we have a better chance of receiving your denture back from the lab on the same day, which means you will not be without it for to long.