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Decades Past: How Implants Have Transformed

Dental Implants

The dental implants you see at our Somerville dentist office haven’t always looked like the toothlike replacements that they are today. In fact, just a few decades ago, implants were mounted on a larger framework that was set directly across the jaw and required extensive surgery (and recovery time.)


Fortunately, modern implants are minimally invasive and mimic the shape of natural teeth. Their design sets alongside of healthy teeth, similar to an anatomical tooth root. This streamlined design makes newer implants a gentler and more straightforward procedure, widening the requirements for the permanent tooth replacement treatment.


For the most part, the implants that we use in Somerville are still made from titanium. This hypoallergenic metal was discovered several decades ago for its ability to naturally fuse with bone, allowing implants and surgical joint procedures to be accepted by the body for long term purposes and durability. Today we know that the integration between bone and titanium makes it possible for modern implants to potentially last for the lifetime of our patients.


Newer designs of implants include versions made of ceramics (for instances where aesthetics is a concern) and “mini” sizes, which expand the opportunities for non-traditional implant patients.


It’s common for people to assume that getting implants is a lengthy and involved process. But the actual placement or surgery is fairly straightforward with little recovery time needed. Getting an implant installed often feels easier than having a tooth removed.


At Somersmiles Dental, we recommend implants for healthy adults of all ages who want a long-term solution to replace missing teeth. As long as you’re over 18, healthy, and have plenty of bone support where your missing teeth once stood, then implants are probably an option!


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