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Children Dentistry

It is advisable that children have 6monthly examination appointments to monitor if there is any tooth decay present , if early orthodontic intervention may be required, sports mouthguards if playing contact sports and oral hygiene advice.

FISSURE SEALANTS – this are a safe and painless procedure for protecting your childrens teeth from tooth decay. A fissure seal is a plastic coating that covers the chewing surface of the adult molars. The sealant forms a hard protective shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves , most tooth decay in children occurs in the adult molars.

The procedure is very quick and takes only a few minutes per tooth. The Dentist or Oral Health Therapist will brush the tooth surface and apply a cleaning agent which is then washed off after a few seconds , we  then dry the tooth and place the liquid sealant into the grooves of the teeth this then is set with a special light. Sealants can be clear or white in color , because they are on the back molars they cannot be seen.

Children Dentistry
Sealants can last for a few years and the Dentist or Oral Health Therapist will check them at the 6 monthly checkup appointments if the seals start to wear down they can easily be topped up.Fissure sealants are one way for preventing tooth decay and it is still very important to have a good oral health regime of brushing and flossing. Regular dental check ups are very important to maintain healthy teeth and gums. We also advise not to consume to many sugary foods and drinks especially between meals, and to keep them to a minimum for special occasions.


Some children are eligible for the medicare dental child benefit scheme this entitles them to dental treatment up to $1000 per 2 years. To be eligible for this you must receive family tax benefit A and B to qualify. The practice can check this for you if you are unsure, by calling medicare. If your child is eligible for Medicare this covers the majority of childrens dentistry which is a great help to families. It means that dental treatment becomes very affordable and your children can be treated in private practice such as Somersmiles Dental.