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Why You Need to Replace Your Missing Teeth ASAP!

Ever had to get your tooth extracted? No matter the dental condition involved, if you’ve had to get your tooth removed, this means there was not enough healthy structure left to restore it. Having this procedure carried out would offer you immense pain relief but there’s far more to the story. After you extract your tooth, you’ll want to have it replaced ASAP, and here’s why! Opposite tooth may erupt Every tooth has a biting partner in the opposite arch. So, in the event that a tooth is removed on one side, the opposite tooth may begin to erupt out … Continue reading

How Periodontitis Affects Your Dental Health

dental patient in pain

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, is quite a common dental condition that affects the soft tissue around your teeth. Left untreated, this condition can escalate to destroy bone. In its earliest stages, patients will experience gingivitis, which is the inflammation and redness along your gum line. As the first stage of gum infection, this is usually caused by plaque that has accumulated for a long time. Bleeding occurs as your gum disease gets progressively worse. This is a reaction to your body’s immune system releasing antibodies targeted to that specific area. Once the soft tissues break down and bleed, … Continue reading

3 Harmful Side-Effects of Teeth Grinding

woman grinding teeth in sleep

More formally known as “Bruxism”, teeth grinding or clenching is a habit that is quite common. Most often, it’s caused in our patients by stress. Your teeth clenching could be a daytime habit- but it could also be occurring at night when you’re asleep! This habit doesn’t just damage your teeth but also any dental work you may have done! We recommend regular checkups to catch any signs of bruxism with immediate intervention. Teeth Grinding Causes: Worn teeth The most obvious sign would be flattened, jagged teeth. This is the effect of constant wear and tear from grinding. If you … Continue reading

How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Overall Well-Being!

How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Overall Well-Being

Did you think that gum disease only leads to bleeding gums and smelly breath? There are plenty more adverse effects associated with this disease that can actually affect your overall well-being if the condition escalates to advanced stages! What to expect Areas affected by gum disease may stimulate bacteria to spread from your tooth deeper, beyond the deceased tissue to the pockets under your gums. Once this happens, the bacteria can easily spread to your cardiovascular system. This is how your immunity gets compromised and is forced to trigger a response. Research dictates that this disease correlates with several health … Continue reading

Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment?

Are you considering investing in braces or an orthodontic appliance to get your smile straightened? Are thoughts such as “I’m getting far too old for this” crossing your mind? This is definitely not the case! In fact, some of the most successful treatments belong to adult patients! Here’s why: The commitment The excitement of a smile make over often tends to wear off over the span of a few months, and this means that some of our younger patients are less encouraged to follow through with the recommended home/after care instructions! As an adult, you’re more likely to understand that … Continue reading

When to Touch Up Your Whitening Treatment

Woman smiling with white teeth

If you want to maintain your whitened teeth for as long as possible, it’s important to keep yourself up to date on certain instructions and steps that will keep your teeth as bright as possible. For example, knowing when to touch up on your whitening treatment can have your smile staying white as the months go by! Touch ups usually just consist of wearing your whitening tray for a few days in a row. Here when our dentists at Somersmiles Dental recommend a touchup: After your checkups When you call in for your regular scale and clean, our professionals will … Continue reading

4 Signs of Tooth Decay

Miss the signs of tooth decay early on and you might even have a cavity without realizing it! It’s always best to deal with tooth decay early on and minimize any risk of dental issues. Here are some common signs to watch out for: Increased sensitivity If you find yourself having increased sensitivity to certain beverages and foods, this is a major warning sign of tooth decay. You may notice an increased amount of sensitivity specifically to sweet foods. This might not necessarily be candy but also your morning coffee or soda- essentially any time you consume something sweet.   … Continue reading

Why is Annual Oral Cancer Screening Important?

Many people think they aren’t at risk for oral cancer. If you think you’re safe, just remember there are plenty of risk factors involved when it comes to this deadly disease and even the healthiest of individuals can develop oral cancer. The most commonly advertised risk factors of oral cancer are tobacco use and alcohol consumption- but these are not the only ones. Exposure to sun and even viruses can be potential risk factors. Hence, this is a disease that can affect people of all ages and demographics. The Best Treatment? Early Screening An early diagnosis can save lives! When … Continue reading

4 Easy Tips for Whiter Teeth!

Have you found that you’re more prone to heavily stained teeth? At Somersmiles Dental we believe in giving our clients well-rounded solutions (some of which that can be applied to your lifestyle too!). Whether you’re about to get your teeth professionally whitened or not, here are some straightforward steps that will help you maintain whiter, brighter teeth! Regular cleanings At Somersmiles Dental, we recommend having your teeth cleaned every 6 months. This helps remove any stains that have accumulated between this period and reveal a more polished enamel. By allowing these stains to accumulate for longer this means they will … Continue reading

3 Treatment Options for Replacing Your Tooth

Do you have a missing or recently extracted tooth? That single hole in your smile can be responsible for a lot of social anxiety. Fortunately, there are treatment options for this to help you regain your confidence and smile without a care! Here are the top 3 dental treatments we provide for a missing tooth! Dental Implants The most popular choice for tooth replacement is often dental implants as they have an incredibly high success rate while being highly durable- they’re capable of lasting decades! If you maintain them well enough, your implants can even last a lifetime! This method … Continue reading