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4 Easy Tips for Whiter Teeth!

Have you found that you’re more prone to heavily stained teeth? At Somersmiles Dental we believe in giving our clients well-rounded solutions (some of which that can be applied to your lifestyle too!). Whether you’re about to get your teeth professionally whitened or not, here are some straightforward steps that will help you maintain whiter, brighter teeth!

Regular cleanings

At Somersmiles Dental, we recommend having your teeth cleaned every 6 months. This helps remove any stains that have accumulated between this period and reveal a more polished enamel. By allowing these stains to accumulate for longer this means they will become less superficial and seep into tiny pores inside your teeth, becoming more stubborn to get rid of.

Consume less dark liquids & foods

What you consume has a direct impact on the brightness of your teeth. There are various foods and liquids known to stain teeth including curries, tea, coffee, soda and even tomato sauces! You’ll want to avoid these especially after a whitening treatment as they lead to faster stain accumulation. If unavoidable, you can opt for drinking through a straw so the amount of contact your teeth have with these substances is greatly lessened.

Hydrate well

It’s a well-known fact that sugary drinks can lead to tooth decay and can affect the brightness of your teeth. This is why we recommend opting for water in between meals to cleanse your mouth as often as possible.  

Touch up after each check-up

Make it a habit to touch up on your smile after checkups! When you visit our clinic, you can easily get your hands on whitening gel if you happen to run out. Our products are of high quality and much more efficient when it comes to tackling stains. It’s also far safer than store-bought products.

If you ever need your teeth professionally whitened, contact Somersmiles Dental today for an easy fix!